What you hold in your mind?
Tell me the truth, be a bit kind.
What’s the fact that’s knocking your heart?
Why are you keeping yourself apart?
God may send tears or deduct a joy fine.
for I want your soul to belong to mine.

There was a time, we were close.
We stared each other with no pause.
The time went on and we went closer
The situations might have been bad, but we didn’t bother.
Now your avoidance sets a chill in my spine.
for I want your soul to belong to mine.

The moment I see your back and not your face,
My heart skips a beat.. slows down the pace.
Your eyes’ spark is what keeps me going.
I can’t stop loving you though can stop showing.
To take away my worries, your eyes are my wine.
for I want your soul to belong to mine.

I may not be best, at least not for you
For the troubles with me are not just a few
And you are the princess of affection
Someone who can be a second name to perfection
I needed someone so pure like you, someone so divine.
I wished your soul belong to mine.

But I can’t be so bad, that i can’t be loved.
I may seem cold-hearted, but i do feel the hurt.
But for your love, i won’t stop trying
Turn your back, I wanna taste my wine.
My eyes would be wet, but u won’t see me crying
But I still hope that someday your soul will belong to mine.

  1. Nidhi
    Nov 09, 2018


  2. A grain of sand
    Oct 03, 2017

    Fucking amazing this poem is!