हुई रंजिश, जला आशियाँ,
राहों से मेरी, जुदा तेरा मकां।
क़त्ल हुआ महफ़िल-ए-यार में,
दिल में दफ़न था, हाल-ए-बयां।

इस्तक़बाल था लबों पे तेरे, पर खुश्की थी.
सवालिया थी नज़र मेरी, नज़रों की कुश्ती थी.
लतीफ़ों के काफिले में मसरूफ तो थे दोनों,
पर ज़हन के एक कोने में, अनकही, अनसुनी..एक सिसकी थी.

रह रह कर रह गया, वो छूटा नहीं,
सपना हसीन वो, टूट कर भी टूटा नहीं.
होगा वो भी आलम, जब रंजिशें मिटा देगा तू,
इस काफिर के नशों से, तू भी तो अछूता नहीं.

This is when you know that the person is lost. The connection, the bonding, the TRUST is lost. Both of you have mutually lost each other. But, yet, its not over. Some call it a “baggage”, some call it “hope”. For me, its best left unsaid.

Grievances will find their way. And, so would affection and adorability.

आशियाँ = Home
हाल-ए-बयां = description for situation
इस्तक़बाल = welcome
खुश्की = roughness
लतीफ़ों = jokes
मसरूफ = busy
काफिर = sinner

  1. Soumya
    Apr 05, 2019

    Beautiful lines!!!….Reminds me of a very beautiful song…wo humsafar tha magar usse humnawai na thi…ki dhoop chaon ka aalam raha judaai na thi

    • Poet Aqua
      Apr 06, 2019

      Thanks Soumya. Glad you liked this.
      Those lines, you mentioned, do strike strings inside.

      • Soumya
        Apr 06, 2019

        Do listen the entire song in that case….most beautiful lines being the starting and the last ones….tarqe taluqaat pe roya na tu na main….and the last one being bichadte te waqt un ankhon mein thi humaari ghazal…ghazal bhi wo jo kisi ko kabhi sunayi na thi….cheers!

  2. Nidhi
    Nov 09, 2018

    It’s superb but I don’t agree with the thought that grievances find their own way.. we need to communicate, may be argue to resolve and do away with the grudges .

    • Poet Aqua
      Nov 11, 2018

      I can see where this is coming from. Rephrased my proposition for you.

      • Nidhi
        Nov 12, 2018

        Of course I could relate to and opine on it only after the incident