Breakups don’t kill

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Have you made a promise that didn’t last?
Do you realise that it left someone aghast?
Shattering a bond, a relationship is indeed painful.
But it shall happen, if these don’t move your heart.

Don’t push yourself to love someone
Don’t let the other one get most of you
Don’t fall for that sweet talking
They are temporary as morning dew.
When harsh sun shines, they dry up.
They disappear in your dark hours,
The care, concern and even affection are bubbles
They gonna get burst. these gonna leave scars…

अरसा हुआ…

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अरसा हुआ तुझे नज़रें चुराये,

बहरहाल, चाय के प्याले में तेरा ही अक्स है.


मयस्सर नहीं अब हमसे आंखें चार करना,

ना तेरे इंतज़ार में आज ये शख्स है.

Its been a while since then. You do invade my dreams, but not my soul. Anymore.


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At the time of night, when he goes to bed.
Walls of his pupil feel something wet.
His throat doesn’t stay normal, it turns a bit heavy.
His heartbeats ain’t rhythmic, they turn slightly wavy.
In the light of darkness, he does moan.
But he lives to be ALONE.

At this hour, he realises his sins.
Also he found that he had fake kins.
The pals he had lost, appear before his eyes.
Everyone dies once, but he daily dies.