क्यों हम शर्माये?

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शाम थी एक हसीं, जब मिले वो दो साये।

सिरहन थी साँसों में, नज़रें न तुम मिला पाए। 

घुमा-फिरा कर बातें, तुम टटोलते रहे जज़्बात मेरे,

पूछ ही लेते हमसे, “क्यों हम शर्माये ?”

When you are seeing someone but it seems to be a long distance relationship.

This is for the times when they catch up after months. Distance keeps them apart but they still want to see each other as soon as they can. The feelings stay ignited with flames going higher than before every time they meet.

And when they do meet finally, these feelings scream within but stay dodged!

In My Arms. Tight!

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Let there be me when you ain’t around,
Damn ur fragrance! All the time it surrounds.
Longing to get you in my sight.
Gasp you into me, as soon as I might.
You’re toxic, you keep me day-dreaming
Dreams to hold you in my arms. tight.
Dreams that make this day..that night.

I see your marks on me when I’m in shower.
Digs of your nails, with all your power.
Still feel your hiss in my ears,
That bite on my chest, you did pierce.
Come to me, take back that bite.
Dreaming to hold you in my arms. tight.
Dreaming to make this day..that night.


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हुई रंजिश, जला आशियाँ,
राहों से मेरी, जुदा तेरा मकां।
क़त्ल हुआ महफ़िल-ए-यार में,
दिल में दफ़न था, हाल-ए-बयां।

इस्तक़बाल था लबों पे तेरे, पर खुश्की थी.
सवालिया थी नज़र मेरी, नज़रों की कुश्ती थी.
लतीफ़ों के काफिले में मसरूफ तो थे दोनों,
पर ज़हन के एक कोने में, अनकही, अनसुनी..एक सिसकी थी.

रह रह कर रह गया, वो छूटा नहीं,
सपना हसीन वो, टूट कर भी टूटा नहीं.
होगा वो भी आलम, जब रंजिशें मिटा देगा तू,
इस काफिर के नशों से, तू भी तो अछूता नहीं.

This is when you know that the person is lost. The connection, the bonding, the TRUST is lost. Both of you have mutually lost each other. But, yet, its not over. Some call it a “baggage”, some call it “hope”. For me, its best left unsaid.

Grievances will find their way. And, so would affection and adorability.


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बस तू मेरे साथ,

मेरा एक बस्ता और वो रस्ता।

दूर गांव की टिमटिमाती लालटेन,

सज्दा-ए-इश्क़ हुआ, रफ़्ता-रफ़्ता।

This is for the time when you take a break to kill the monotony and be yourself..When you realise that you meet real you when you disconnect. When you realise that this may be what they call love. Being happy is love. Being yourself is love.. Bow to love..