Missing you, Mom!

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These skies are high,

I swear them I don’t lie.

I’m missing u so much.

I really don’t know..Why?

I’m enjoying the nature,

Not at all worried about future.

I know that u must be missing me too,

that’s d best life that can be owned by this creature.

Steep valleys are here,

my friends are near

Still there is a loneliness,

that i just can’t bear.

I wish u were here and be with me

Heaven! plz hear it, its from my heart-a plea

I’m crying within my heart that u can feel at a distance

and, none else can even see.

In the clouds I see you.

In my heart I feel you.

Don’t make fun of my feelings,

It’s really really true.

I know that God won’t fulfil this desire,

For, when he sees our bond he, too, burns into fire.

but I’m thankful to the same God and pray to him,

that from your life he never makes me retire.

Nothing can separate us be it money or an emotional storm.

It is a token of love to my dearest, loving, caring, affectionate & understanding MOM.