What life will be?

It’s always unpredictable.

It can be with you now,

but tomorrow it may not be favorable.

May, June 2k4

He never believed the above lines.

He always wanted to enjoy the present.

He used to hurt others & say sorry.

That’s how he made his close ones resent.

July 2k4

He was surrounded by many caring people.

who think he don’t take things on heart.

But actually he was close to them in good times.

Whereas in odd times, he found himself apart.

August 2k4

Suddenly with blessings all around someone came,

who could read his face & interpret his mind.

His life was going smooth just then,

he exclaimed, “How time can be so kind..?”

Sept, Oct 2k4

She came from outside,

thus she had no friends around.

Therefore, they soon developed a good friendship,

But is something else; That’s what others found.

Nov 2k4

Slowly person to person rumors reached their ears too,

But at that time they ignored them a lot.

People will stop automatically if we don’t react,

We cant break our friendship due to others; they thought.

24 Dec 2k4

It was a day when sky had a cloud cover,

And the entire group went for an outing.

but she wasn’t glad as she should be,

he realized that she was disturbed by something.

24 Dec 2k4

Initially he spent time with his friends,

Then he went to her so that she didn’t feel alone.

She was fine by that time,

but strange gestures, his friends had shown.

Jan, Feb 2k5

Rumors about them were again in air,

this time she was hurt deep inside.

By that time they got it that,

its a prob they couldn’t get aside.

March, April 2k5

Unlike they thought the people didn’t stop,

rather from a topic it turned into an issue.

Then she alone made a heart-rock decision.

she said, “U wont talk to me, I wont talk to u.”

April 2k5

She made this promise to herself for him,

& didn’t even let him know about it.

The guy thought that she turned rude,

But such a sudden change; he didn’t find it fit.

April, May 2k5

He tried to ask her straight , “Why was she doing that?”

But couldn’t get the courage to ask.

At last, he called her after 2 weeks,

She was serious & told every thing very fast.


Since then from each other, they are far apart..

Since then they even avoid each others’ sight..

Cant say about the girl, But within a month

since then among his pals, the guy had 9 fights.