माथे पर शिकन, सूरत मेरी सेहमी थी।

उंगलियों में कसक, सांसों में गेहमा-गेहमी थी।

जो समेटा उसने आगोश में, पल भर में बिखरी मैं,

“धड़कन ना बढ़ेगी” – ग़लतफहमी थी।

This for is for the moment when you’re about to lean in for your first hug. That first kiss.

It’s not just embracing the body but the emotion and the warmth as well. It’s not the fingers running across that bare skin or the lips dancing on their counterparts, it’s the passion that drives the moment.

You live this moment.

If this moment doesn’t bring goosebumps, I wonder what else would.