That’s AQUA!

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Since AQUA remembers, he is a cunning fellow.

He can mercilessly hurt anybody’s feeling.

He is not at all sensitive or kind hearted.

He treats everything as a dealing.

He doesn’t care if someone is upset or disturbed,

even if the person is quite close to him.

He won’t lend a drop of water,

even if the same is flowing over the brim.

He knows how to extract work from others.

Here you can call him “big time diplomat”

But when the same person needs his favor,

he just turns around his face, he is truly like that.

He is a very self centered guy.

All he wants is his own happiness.

In whomsoever’s life he entered,

Their lives transitioned into mess.

He is a guy quite shrewd.

He doesn’t know friendship or affection.

He doesn’t understand love and faith.

For him, these are mere misconceptions.

He is neither trustworthy nor a stable guy.

Call him a world class flirt.

That’s why he doesn’t deserve a friend.

Further, his mind has nothing but dirt.

So don’t ask for trouble by being his friend.

He’ll just bring your life’s joys to end.

Thus, if you are close to him, plz get apart.

So that later, you don’t consider yourself condemned.