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वक्त निकाल, बैठ कभी तन्हाई में।

हो तू मेरी, मैं तेरी परछाई में।।

हो जाएंगे शब-बाश, चढ़ते महताब के तले,

बस सर्द हवा में, तेरी, गर्म सांसें सुनाई दें।।

शब-बाश = staying overnight, cherishing nights of togetherness
महताब = चांद, moon

This is for the times when we realise that though we have known each other for years, it’s always interesting to learn more about the other one.
Also to point out, no time is enough to have each other and no time is less to cherish the bond.

We are busy with what we are doing at all other fronts but cherishing the bond is relaxing and celebratory.

Celebrations must not cease!