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चला जो सिलसिला-ए-वस्ल, रिवायत हो गई।

पढ़ना था जिसे किताब की तरह, वो आयत हो गई।

वो शख़्स जो ख़्याल है मेरी जुम्मे की शाम का,

पल मांगे उस से , सबाह–शब्ब की इनायत हो गई।

When a casual date turns into a friendship that blossoms to a deep connect with someone who was just a random person earlier. This is the person who turns out to be the reason for you to look forward to your weekends.. and weekends turn into a bliss in his/her company.

Cheers to this transition

Glossary –

वस्ल = meeting or union

रिवायत = tradition

आयत = holy verse

जुम्मा = Friday

सबाह = Dawn

शब्ब = Night

दरिया डूबा, जिस रोज़

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अधर नज़रों से उनकी, बात होती रही। 

वो साथ बैठी रही, रात होती रही।  

लहरों ने बताया कि दरिया डूबा, जिस रोज़ 

लबों से उनके, बरसात होती रही। 

This is for the times when you are lost in her voice. When you are sitting close but the glances are being exchanged for very short intervals just because you know that if you look into each others’ eyes for more than that, the passion would spike which knows no limits.

That being said, the way she’s uttering those words, they are no less than a melody, you’d love to listen to all night long, all day long. the words that are music, that are rhythmic, like the droplets on a rainy day, refreshing, pure and just adorable.

Cherish these times for they, definitely, are rare.

फ़राग़ ही होगा

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सन्नाटे में दमका, वो अक्स नहीं, चराग़ ही होगा।

क़त्ल कर निकला वस्ल में यार का, ना कोई सुराग ही होगा। 

वो नायाब सोम है किसी और जहां के मयख़ाने की,

जो चख सके उसे लब मेरे, तो फ़राग़ ही होगा।

Glossary –

अक्स = reflection or image

चराग़ = oil lamp

वस्ल = meeting or union

सोम = alcohol

फ़राग़ = repose, freedom from care or business

क्यों हम शर्माये?

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शाम थी एक हसीं, जब मिले वो दो साये।

सिरहन थी साँसों में, नज़रें न तुम मिला पाए। 

घुमा-फिरा कर बातें, तुम टटोलते रहे जज़्बात मेरे,

पूछ ही लेते हमसे, “क्यों हम शर्माये ?”

When you are seeing someone but it seems to be a long distance relationship.

This is for the times when they catch up after months. Distance keeps them apart but they still want to see each other as soon as they can. The feelings stay ignited with flames going higher than before every time they meet.

And when they do meet finally, these feelings scream within but stay dodged!