शहर में उनके

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करते हैं हम गिला, शिकायतें भी होती हैं।

बेतकल्लुफ, दिल तोड़ने की, रिवायतें भी होती हैं।

एकाएक कहते हैं वो कि आस-ए-वस्ल में हैं।

फिर शहर में उनके, बेशुमार इनायतें भी होती हैं।


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वक्त निकाल, बैठ कभी तन्हाई में।

हो तू मेरी, मैं तेरी परछाई में।।

हो जाएंगे शब-बाश, चढ़ते महताब के तले,

बस सर्द हवा में, तेरी, गर्म सांसें सुनाई दें।।

शब-बाश = staying overnight, cherishing nights of togetherness
महताब = चांद, moon

This is for the times when we realise that though we have known each other for years, it’s always interesting to learn more about the other one.
Also to point out, no time is enough to have each other and no time is less to cherish the bond.

We are busy with what we are doing at all other fronts but cherishing the bond is relaxing and celebratory.

Celebrations must not cease!

Breakups don’t kill!

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Have you made a promise that didn’t last?
Do you realise that it left someone aghast?
Shattering a bond, a relationship is indeed painful.
But it shall happen, if these don’t move your heart.

Don’t push yourself to love someone
Don’t let the other one get most of you
Don’t fall for that sweet talking
They are temporary as morning dew.

When harsh sun shines, they dry up.
They disappear in your dark hours,
The care, concern and even affection are bubbles
They gonna get burst. these gonna leave scars…

While parting, do you feel, that it’s cause of you?
Don’t feel guilty, actually it’s none of you.
You can pretend to be okay. but not forever.
Does he/she want you to wear a mask? Never.

Make it a point that you are happy.
Burn the strings that oppose this.
Remember, love happens when we are happy.
Else, it’s all a burden, not a bliss.

You wont die to make yourself smile.
You wont die to let loose, to chill
You won’t die when u undo a pressure
Break free for “Breakups don’t kill”.

“If you feel that you screwed it up for the other one by not considering their happiness and selfishly moved on for your emotional reasons (or your story is the other way round). But an unhappy you at heart is even worse for them. So break free. More than you, they deserve it.”