गुस्ताखियाँ मेरी

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गुस्ताख़ होने से मेरे, रुस्वा तो हुआ ज़माना.

पर तन्हाइयों में सिसकियों का सबब, सूझता भी ना था.

कब तक शिरक़त करते लहू-लुहान दिल के जनाज़े में?

जनाज़े तक में, तकब्बुर से कोई चूकता भी ना था.

When you rebel against the world. for the world doesn’t deserve softer and nicer you. It didn’t lend a hand when you were in need. It just didn’t care. Now you shouldn’t too.

इश्क़ में माफ़ी नहीं होती.

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बंदगी में रब्ब की वादा-खिलाफी नहीं होती,

मसरूफियत यार के नाम की कभी काफी नहीं होती.

दरिया-ए-इश्क़ की गहरायी को माप पाया है कौन,

इसमें बेपरवाह जुनूनीयत तो है, पर… माफ़ी नहीं होती.


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At the time of night, when he goes to bed.
Walls of his pupil feel something wet.
His throat doesn’t stay normal, it turns a bit heavy.
His heartbeats ain’t rhythmic, they turn slightly wavy.
In the light of darkness, he does moan.
But he lives to be ALONE.

At this hour, he realises his sins.
Also he found that he had fake kins.
The pals he had lost, appear before his eyes.
Everyone dies once, but he daily dies.

A TAJ for You!

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A TAJ for You!

I’ll build a Taj for you, Yes! A Taj for you.
People who get this honor are few.
But I pray none to get this honor,
for its equally painful as it is true.
I never thought to experience such a stale dew.
I’ll build a Taj for you, Yes! A Taj for you.
My Taj will and won’t resemble the existing one.
That one is a funeral architecture.
Mine will be the funeral of our friendship
It will represent my heart’s fracture.
But still it will have a lovely view.
I’ll build a Taj for you, Yes! A Taj for you.
The symbol of the existing one is affection,
while that of mine will be agony.
Inside it, there will be death causing rains,
Even if the weather is burning sunny.
In my veins the same burning sun is passing through.
I’ll build a Taj for you, Yes! A Taj for you.
My Taj’s lake will represent our relationship’s murder,
as it will be blood filled till its crust.
My Taj will also have the gems embedded walls.
These gems will be the pieces of my broken trust.
Moreover, these gems won’t be just a few.
I’ll build a Taj for you, Yes! A Taj for you.
The lustre in minars of my Taj will be ice,
to symbolize the cold-blooded murder of our friendship.
On the top of its dome, you’ll see an arrow,
conveying the pain from such a relationship.
For others, my Taj will be a clue.
I’ll build A TAJ FOR YOU, just for you…